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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  December 7, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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modern-day businesses in the process. >> i live only steps away, and three of my very favorite restaurants are in the two buildings. donna's, mai tai and another one. it's a sad loss to the whole community. >> reporter: baltimore fire chief james clack says the same afternoon crew which spent hours fighting an equally large fire on the block monday had to take on this second one as they neared the end of their shift. he says investigators haven't yet determined how the fire started. >> we don't know. we know it started on a lower floor and we chased the fire all the way up to the roof. very, very difficult fire to control. and had a lot of void space, a lot of hidden fire and in fact we're still fighting that fire. >> reporter: the high winds and freezing temperatures made it very difficult for firefighters in this second five-alarm fire within a 12-hour span. but the most difficult thing, and the most problematic, when it came to injuries, was ice.
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the cascade of water used to snuff out the flames would run back down from the buildings, creating huge icicles on any obstacles below and a slick sheet of ice on the street's surface, where firefighters struggled with slippery conditions. >> three injuries, they were all related to the ice on the street. two firefighters, one civilian fell and were injured. it's pretty unusual to have two big fires like this so close together. i was very proud of the men and women that worked all night long in very trying conditions to get the job done. >> go ahead. all right. >> reporter: the fire also forced the city to shut down charles street and parts of cathedral and madison street as work continued throughout the day to extinguish any hot spots. in mount vernon, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> in the middle of the night it woke people up and sent them rushing to see what was going on. joce sterman is here with more on the reaction to seeing
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dozens of firefighters at work trying to save several neighborhood landmarks. >> reporter: if you live in the city you get used to the occasional noise of a passing siren or sight of flashing lights but people in mount verne saw more than that standing in the street watching dozens of firefighters battle that fire. it was a spectacle to say the least. >> the more i live i can see where the fire is. it's been going for hours and hours. it looks like it's up at the roof. >> reporter: joey olson is one of many who braved the cold in the middle of the night watching crews try to tackle the fire. for him it's not just about an amazing effort. it's about his work place. he's a barista at donna's. as neighbors watched he texted co-workers and managers sending them pictures, videos and details as he watched and worried.
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>> everyone in the building, they came in for drinks and coffee and stuff and i served them. also i was scared because i don't know when i'll be going back to work. >> reporter: that building that is so badly damaged is home to more than two restaurants. 800 north charles is also the headquarters for a local health care service company and other offices. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thank you. the city of baltimore will get help from the feds to find the cause of yesterday's five-alarm fire in the block. a national team from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms will work closely with the baltimore city fire department to try to determine the cause of that blaze that crippled downtown yesterday just before rush hour. the team is expected to arrive tomorrow but first, city firefighters need to secure the burned-out buildings to make them safe for investigating. there was a massive fire and it will require an equally large investigation. >> an investigation of this large a scale, this many moving parts, the atf, state fire marshal, police,
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arson, requires a lot of planning. we're going to try to accomplish in three days which would take us by ourselves about four or five weeks. >> with all that help the fire department is confident investigators will be able to determine the cause. you can watch more video of both these fires on we've also uploaded dozens of pictures sent by viewers. both stories are in the slide show on our home page. it was another chilly blustery day. you're looking at a live picture of downtown baltimore. much different from the scene from yesterday. but temperatures still the same. wyett everhart with a look at the forecast. >> reporter: the winds not much different either. they've been gusty and out of the north all day, really supporting that deep freeze that still is hanging tough in maryland. let's look at some of the peak wind gusts we've seen across the state. very windy stuff. around 36, 37 miles per hour. not quite as strong as yesterday but that's windy and
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look what it's doing to the wind chill factor. feeling like 17 in reisterstown. feeling like a balmy 22 in annapolis and tropical 25 in chestertown. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, crystal clear across baltimore but there's a little bit of flurry action out west. this evening, not looking for much other than more blustery weather, falling rapidly into the 30s and 20s overnight tonight. we'll talk more about how cold it gets by daybreak and look ahead towards the end of the week and see if there's any improvement. coming up. a woman crashed her car into the eastern animal hospital in east baltimore this morning. a viewer sent us this picture. city police tell us the driver drove into the lounge area of the animal hospital in the 6400 block of eastern avenue. no one was hurt, no word on what caused the crash. despite the big gaping hole the hospital remained open despite the damage. julian assange, founder of wikileaks, arrested this
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morning in london on charges not related to the release of classified documents. >> reporter: the man behind the largest-ever release of classified documents is now behind bars. julian assange, founder of wikileaks, turned himself over to police in london this morning facing charges of rape and sexual molestation. he denies the charges, more serious than previously known. his team says they are merely retribution for the sensitive security information his web site leaked in recent weeks. >> many people believe him to be innocent, myself included. many people believe this prosecution is politically motivated. >> reporter: the wikileaks releases have had the obama administration scrambling as it tries to contain the diplomatic fallout over private state department cables. traveling in afghanistan today defense secretary robert gates welcomed the news of the arrest. >> that sounds like good news to me. >> reporter: in recent weeks assange has been in hiding appearing in video and his site
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dumped more documents. his attorney says the charges against his client won't affect the operations of wikileaks. >> we have cable 301 today. we will see the rest of the 250,000 cables coming out so full information is available. >> reporter: julian threatened to enact a so-called dooms day plan, pulling the trigger on a set of documents protected by a 256-character password. assae will remain behind bars for at least a week. the judge denied bail said he had the cause and means to fail to surrender. u.p.s. is changing the rules for shipping packages around the world. it now requires a photo id from customers. the change comes a month after explosives were found on one of the company's planes. u.p.s. says the move is part of an ongoing plan to step up security. last month a printer cartridge on a u.p.s.
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cargo plane headed for chicago was stopped in london after explosives were discovered. the package was later traced to a retail location in yemen. tonight, our ongoing series, "maryland's cold cases" will profile deborah scott. she was every mother's dream child, high school valedictorian, honor student in freshman year in college. in 1976 her young life was cut short when she was murdered in her family's woodlawn apartment. the family still has no closure, the killer was never found. tonight the mother talks about what is keeping her going more than 30 years later, tonight at 11:00 on abc2 news. we have breaking news. sad to report that family friends say elizabeth edwards has died. the 61-year-old recently stopped her cancer treatments after doctors told her it would no longer do any good. friends tell abc news edwards' turn for the worse happened in
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october with an mri. we'll have much more on this story coming up later in our newscast. there may be a break in the case of three missing brothers from michigan. still ahead at 5:00, where a woman claims to have seen the boys. plus, in tonight's "health alert," how talking on your cell phone during pregnancy could possibly affect your child's behavior. i'm losing energy... i need a home performance with energy star audit to find out why! this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold!
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in tonight's "health alert" -- doctors believe men over 50 need a psa blood test to screen for prostate cancer. now a startling new report suggests the reversal of this longstanding practice. here's abc's medical editor dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: health officials in britain say after weighing all the evidence that
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screening men for prostate cancer using the blood test known as a psa test is not winter winter -- advisable. now psa screening is being questioned because of concerns about overdiagnosis. a raised psa level, stands for prostate specific androgen may mean a man may have prostate cancer. a raised level could mean he only has an benign answer -- enlargement or urinary infection. a normal psa result can miss cancer and provide a false sense of well being. british officials estimate that 48 men will undergo prostate treatments as the result of a high psa level in order to save one life. british doctors say they are confident this is the right decision but they also emphasize that men over 50 should consult their doctors and that any man who requests a
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psa test should be given one. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson. tonight, we have interesting news about aspirin. and the risk of cancer. a major new study shows that one low dose of aspirin a day could also significantly cut the risk of death in some of the most common forms of cancer. the finding came while researchers were studying 25,000 people taking daily aspirin to prevent heart disease. in the trials where people were taking aspirin for several years the risk of dying from cancer was reduced by about 25%. experts warn the study isn't strong enough to recommend that healthy people start taking the pill because it can lead to bleeding and some other intestinal problems. if you have not gotten that flu shot yet you had better get one now. that's the advice from the centers for disease control and prevention. a recent phone survey found only about a third of americans were vaccinated this season. so far the flu season has been
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much milder than last year. with it starting to pick up doctors say almost everyone older than 6 months should get a flu shot. cell phones may affect childrens' behavior even before they are born. researchers found children exposed to cell phones both in the womb and after birth were more likely to have behavioral problems than those with less exposure. they say the more frequently a mother used a cell phone the greater the risk that a child would have the problems. the authors of the study don't know what the connection is. one study suggests cell phone radiation could interfere with brain development. i'm getting used to the cold weather. do you believe that? >> well, we do acclimatize as human beings. you get less shocked each day. windy again today, about two or three degrees colder on average but we will see a slow i'm not
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really tomorrow but towards the end of the week. >> i'll take that. >> it's not going colder on us. just not warming up much. let's look outside, beautiful sunset. really, sunset already occurred but this is our dusk lighting. a postcard shot over the city there. it's interesting, you look real closely, in the distance there, that's the stack creating one of those low clouds. it's not actually the cloud itself. look at that. kind of wild there. long streamer in the wind. temperaturewise, 32 now. winds west at 14, barometer 29.81 and rising. as that high pressure cell begins to settle in. we will see the winds begin to relent but boy, another gusty day we had today. clouds whipping by our weathernet camera in towson today. it was just a tough day weather wise. if you have to be outside for very long, feeling that wind chill factor. take you out to mount airy, blue skies at times today but also thick clouds through the middle part of the day.
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then clearing late in the afternoon. beautiful-looking shot over mount airy there but again, overall, this was a cold, cold day and sunny skies down in southern maryland, chesapeake beach. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, generally clear now, yeah, we've seen a little bit of what would appear to be flurry action over northern baltimore county, through harford county. you may have seen just a passing brief flurry toward, like, bel air but it was brief and short-lived and it's pretty much gone now. temperature, this is the bigger story, western maryland, oakland out toward just south of deep creek lake, 12 degrees now. that is not the wind chill, that's the actual air temperature. 32 baltimore. so we are at the freezing mark. another night where you'll want to let the pipes drip. you don't want the pipes to freeze up on you overnight and they could after a couple of days like this. current winds steady and fridge outside out of the north. 20 dulles. 17 easton. and very windy and chilly scenario all across the central part of the state. cambridge, a high of 36. that was it today.
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these highs running about 15 degrees below our seasonable normal which will be close to 50 for early december. we couldn't get out of the low to mid-30s today. anything new coming down the pike? not really. a few clouds from the north at times today. we still see lake-effect snow pouring in. states just off to the north with this frigid arctic blast that continues to funnel in. we have seen a slight recovery of temperatures in the deep south today where they were just as cold as us yesterday, basically. you can see that cold air funneling in and lake-effect snow streamers still reaching into upstate new york, western pennsylvania, pittsburgh. let them have some snow, right? and also, western michigan, down through ohio and west virginia. maryland, just staying out of this. we're right on the edge of more snow flurries but they are not making it in. frigid pattern for another night. tomorrow we'll lose some of the winds, see more sunshine through the day. really won't be much warmer air temperature-wise but i think it will feel a little nicer without the wind and with a
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little more sun. thursday looks even a little more pleasant with more widespread sunshine. overnight tonight, 20 with clearing skies. it will stay blustery. let the pipes drip. tomorrow 35. mostly sunny, breezy but not as windy, tomorrow night, 19, calmer. the 7-day forecast, the trepid is for very cold stuff through thursday. we start to see a slow milder trend saturday and sunday before we get our next plast sunday and monday. right now sunday and month looking like a rainy cold day with the change over to snow sunday night. we'll keep a sharp eye on that. >> thank you. good news in carroll county. the county's christmas celebration is back on. the county board of commissioners will approve plans wednesday to bring back the holiday celebration. you may recall last month the county decided cancel the celebration but thanks to private donations the party is back on. seven businesses stepped
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forward to offer equipment, time and tears. the christmas tree will sit in front of the office building during the holidays. the celebration starts at 6:00 on thursday night. you can get in on the holiday spirit by making christmas brighter for needy children in our area. the 12th annual kindertime toy drive is well underway. we're looking for new, unwrapped and unopened toys to make it great for the kids. this year we're doing something a little different. we teamed up with the baltimore symphony orchestra and collecting instruments for the orchestra kids program. if you want to donate toys or instruments we have a list of the dropoff locations on our web site, at and as we continue to get into the holiday spirit we want to know what some of your favorite recipes are and help you get your family into the holiday spirit as well. we're talking about those treasured family recipes that you pull out for the holiday season. we would love for you to come on our show and share some of those recipes with us. just e-mail them to
5:21 pm you have until tomorrow to submit your recipes. we'll pick some of the best and invite those cooks to come on "good morning america" at 9:00 and show everyone their tasty treats. make sure you include your e-mail address, phone number, name and of course the recipe. again, and you have until wednesday to get those into us. coming up, a wild chase involving a dump truck caught on tape. and, you'll never guess who is behind the wheel in this dramatic chase. plus, all new tonight at 5:30, the temperatures are dropping, and that means your electric bill rising. how much you can expect to pay thanks to a new rate increase.
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a look at news around the nation begins in michigan tonight where a woman claims to have seen those three missing brothers. on thanksgiving day andrew, alexander and tanner skeleton were seen in morenci. the father said he gave the boys to a woman he met on the internet. investigators think he lied about a relationship with the woman named joann taylor. sandy jones at the house of doughnuts in sandusky said three boys matching their descriptions came in on saturday with a woman. >> she was about 5'5", 5'6", like i said, looked like she was in her 40s, very tired, haggard. she had dark scraggily hair that looked like it had just been dyed. >> jones said she didn't get a make of the vehicle or license plate and that the house of doughnuts doesn't have security video. john skeleton is charged with three counts of parental kidnapping and is waiting extradition. now to ohio where a teen is
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in hot water after taking a dump truck officer a joy ride and of course it's all on tape. when police tried to stop the truck joshua giles used it to crash into several cruisers and several cars. >> i thought it was a movie being filmed. >> you can actually see the teen in reverse crushing everything in its path. and an officer narrowly misses being hit. halfway through the joyride giles stopped long enough to let out the other teens in the truck with him. the nearly hourlong chase ended when a flat tire caused the truck to crash into a guardrail. a dramatic rescue of a red-tailed hawk perched in a south boston subway station. animal rescuers believed the hawk got trapped but as bird specialists tried to help him escape watch what happens the hawk flies into a window, not once but twice. the hawk knocks itself out
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before nosediving on to the sidewalk. but the hawk survived and rescuers say it will be released -- oh, look at that -- into the wild soon. good news, the hawk is going to be ok. the joy of sports is back on 33rd street. all new at 5:30, a special groundbreaking.
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the temperatures are dropping so you know what that means. get ready to pay more for your electric bill. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. bge is asking customers to pay more to deliver gas and electric to their homes. abc2 news don harrison explains. >> reporter: as the winds pick up and wind chill temperatures drop, bge costs are going in the other direction. a rate increase


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